Ideas & Updates


Ideas & Updates

We’ve been shaping the way organizations communicate for over 12 years. Enjoy a few insights and general updates from our team.

Pro Tip Mac Clemmens

How to choose a website design firm
The 22 questions you need to ask before making a decision

Website development projects can be fraught with risk. Organizations often wonder:

  • How can we be sure we’re choosing the right technology for our needs?
  • Have we thought of everything so we don’t miss deadlines or pay for change orders?
  • How can we avoid getting stuck with a vendor that we can’t trust to deliver?
  • How can we make an apples-to-apples comparison of all these bids?
  • How can we ensure our new website is one we can be proud of?

This document aims to help you ask the right questions and mitigate risks when evaluating a website vendor. While there are many items to compare, the 22 questions listed here are those most likely to affect your overall project process and outcome while also ensuring that your website project launches on time and within your budget.

Client Update Lindsay Hardy

Serving those who serve New York City
New York City Employees Retirement System (NYCERS) Launches their new website

Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to work with the New York City Employees Retirement System (NYCERS) on their new website. Serving more than 350,000 active members and retirees in New York City, NYCERS is the largest municipal public employee retirement system in the United States. Opportunities like these are especially exciting for our team because they represent a chance to make so many people’s lives easier.

Staff Update Dennis Stevense

SSL and Drupal 8 coming in 2017

It’s the start of a new year and we want to give you an update on two major efforts we have underway to keep your website’s technology performing well in 2017: SSL and a free upgrade to Drupal 8.

Webinar Mac Clemmens

The Art and Science of SEO

The Art and Science of SEO

Some of our clients are thought leaders, and when searching for topics they cover, you can often find them on the first page of search engine results. This allows those clients to define what the public understands about a particular topic.

But how does this happen?

Pro Tip Lindsay Hardy

Say goodbye to clip art. Say hello to Unsplash.

Back in the day of Microsoft publisher, clip art was all the rage. Fortunately, those days have passed and we have some much better tools to help get our ideas across. 

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Unsplash is a gorgeous collection of royalty-free photography that uses a creative commons zero license to provide great, free images for websites like yours. “Blogs, art, book covers, tshirts, and more — paid or unpaid — they’re all allowed under the license.”

Pro Tip Lindsay Hardy

How to get your website to the top of Google
Best practices for developing search-optimized, user-centric content

We often get the question, “How do I get my website to the top of Google?”, and while our specific suggestions vary by client, the process itself is very consistent. 

With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to setting targets and boosting your site’s organic search results.

Clarify your audience

Get clear on who you want to reach, and why, and with what content

Article Mac Clemmens

Radio interview on Net Neutrality and telecommunications infrastructure

In May Mac Clemmens joined Steve McMahon, a broadband expert and longtime board member of the Davis Community Network, to talk about two internet subjects in the news – net neutrality, the rules of which the Federal Communications Commission recently began to repeal, and the status of the civic effort to build a municipal fiber-optic network in Davis. The conversation was held at KDRT (95.7) in Davis, and the recording is available online.

Staff Update Conferences Mac Clemmens

Getting inspired at the American Marketing Association Conference for Higher Education

This week we had the opportunity to attend the AMA conference for higher education in Orlando, Florida. As the premier conference for higher education marketing in the country, it was the perfect chance to meet with our clients and partners who are distributed across the country, as well as make new contacts and tune into emerging industry trends.

Client Update

Sacramento City Unified School District

We created a comprehensive website and intranet solution for Sacramento City Unified School District and all 75 of its schools.

More than 50 different users make changes to the sites every week, and tens of thousands of posts, forms, images, and staff profiles are managed in a single platform.

We also designed the website’s predecessor in 2010, and were re-engaged in 2016 to refresh the designs and make them mobile-responsive.

Our team led focus groups with principals, staff, and students to help understand their needs and used data to bring the most utilized content to the forefront.

Client Update

Yolo Kids

The Yolo County Children’s Alliance (YCCA) is an amazing organization dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth, and families in our communities. They do this by providing a variety of programs that lead, coordinate, connect, support, educate and advocate to help parents reach their goals.

With a newly launched website, they truly have a platform to take their efforts to the level.

Client Update

Monterey Regional Airport

The Monterey airport is the gateway to one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in California. Focused on convenience and customer service, the Monterey airport serves a wide variety of travelers including tourists, military personnel, business people, private aviators and members of the community.

With their gorgeous new website, the Monterey airport makes existing travelers lives easier, entices new travelers to choose to use their services, draws in new airlines/routes and enhances the overall bond with the community.

What we love about Monterey Airport’s redesign

The new website perfectly reflects their commitment to customer service - From parking lot to terminal, we worked together to ease every bit of the experience for the traveler.

From day one, Monterey was committed to pushing the envelope with design - Ambient video, social media integration, flight status integration, and modern slide out navigation provide the visitor with a modern, cutting-edge experience that fits seamlessly with their new brand.

Striking imagery - The Monterey airport team immediately recognized the power imagery has to affect a visitor’s experience and perception of their brand. With this in mind, the airport engaged the community and found a wealth of photography and video footage that adds to the user experience at every level.

Client Update


WEAVE redesigned their website to be friendlier to users on mobile devices as well as users with disabilities, driving donations and general engagement.

They received over 15,000 unique visitors (76% new), held top rank in Google for over 500 strategic keywords, which drive over 75% of the site’s traffic. #1 for “abuse help sacramento” and “domestic violence sacramento.”

Blind user commented, “I can finally use the site” thanks to the rigorous standards-compliance that makes the site accessible by following Section 508 guidelines.

Client Update

St. Hope

A redesign helped unify and clarify St. Hope’s brand, bringing six disparate websites into one, including schools, programs, and community services.

Using microsites, St. Hope could build simplified landing pages for select user groups that needed specific information and follow a “post-once, display many ways” strategy.

Site administrators can now manage a unified calendar, directory, as well as their email newsletters and social media presence in one platform.

Client Update

Ocean Institute

A redesign helped kids and parents get excited about visiting the Ocean Institute — while providing event planners information on facility rental, and donors a compelling reason to support their mission.

Client Update

Institute for Local Government

The Institute for Local Government needed to organize over 7,000 frequently accessed case studies, best practices, and policy papers.

Using a taxonomy structure, the institute is now able to publish content both by type, topic, and interest area and help users find related content. We also installed Apache Solr to help them enhance search to look inside PDFs, correct spelling mistakes, and more.

Client Update

Western State Colorado University

Western State Colorado University did not have the timeline to redesign their campus website but wanted to boost admissions through a digital campaign.

Using market research, strategy, and creative from a higher ed consultant they had worked with, we created a flexible admissions landing page that Western can maintain internally and change elements to maximize different digital campaigns.

Client Update

Osher Collaborative for Integrative Medicine

The Osher Collaborative for Integrative Medicine, based at the University of California, San Francisco, comprises an international group of six academic Centers including UCSF, Harvard, Karolinska, Northwestern, Vanderbuilt, and University of Miami funded by The Bernard Osher Foundation to study, teach, and practice integrative medicine.

Staff Update Office Shenanigans Steph Bradley

DD Team Connectedness
Work hard, play hard!

One of the things that makes Digital Deployment one of Sacramento’s Best Places to Work is our focus on culture and team connectedness. We support this with weekly teamwide check-ins, bi-weekly team lunches, and monthly connectedness activities. Each month a different team member is responsible for planning a non-work related activity where we can hang out and be merry.

Client Update

City of Rocklin

We created a new website for the City of Rocklin, one of the fastest growing cities in California, that communicated the emerging brand and lifestyle of the city while providing citizens with self-service functions such as rental forms, reservations, and contact information.

Numerous departments can maintain their own section of the website using advanced workflow and email approvals.


How to make good technology decisions for your organization

If you don’t have the budget to hire a consulting firm to help determine priorities when making decisions about technology adoption, or you’d just like to understand the process better so that you can choose a good partner/vendor, this free webinar is for you.

The folks from Digital Deployment and Streamline lay out a discovery process that includes identifying “audiences” (or stakeholders), getting to the “why” of what you’re hoping to accomplish, and methods to clearly identify what is required for a successful adoption of any new system you’re considering.

Client Update

Sacramento SPCA

The Sacramento SPCA is an open admission animal shelter, which means they accept animals that are surrendered to us regardless of health, age, breed or behavior. Open admission shelters play an essential role in providing care to the thousands of animals that would otherwise have no safe refuge.

Staff Update Conferences Dennis Stevense

DrupalCon Baltimore 2017

We’ve been doing a lot of traveling recently, and last week was our engineers’ turn. Jason and I attended all three days of sessions at DrupalCon 2017, and we returned to Sacramento with tons of new ideas. Seeing how other agencies solve the same problems we face is inspiring and validating. Being in touch with what’s happening in the Drupal community and what the large players are up to is critical to ensuring the work we do for our clients is future-proof.

Staff Update Community Mac Clemmens

A meaningful recognition for our company

Last month, I was extremely honored that Digital Deployment was selected as a Small Business Development Center success story and recognized by two members of Congress: Rep. Doris Matsui and Rep. Ami Bera.

This was all made possible thanks to you—our clients, who have been with us the entire way. You’ve allowed us to thrive in our hometown, remain rooted in our values, and yet reach across the country and rise to the challenge of building great sites for outstanding organizations. Thank you!

Article Community Mac Clemmens

U.S. Government modernizes federal web accessibility guidelines

Just as buildings need to have wheelchair ramps, modern websites must comply with various accessibility and web standards. The U.S. Access Board has just published a final ruling that takes effect January 18, 2018, and has revised Section 508 (the part of federal law that defines web accessibility standards) to include WCAG 2.0 (a modern, independent standard for websites.)