Release Notes

Summer/Fall 2019 site updates

Summer/Fall 2019 site updatesView the webinar we provided to customers on our latest updates.

The majority of these updates were prompted by customer requests—so keep your great feedback coming. We hope that you find the updates valuable!

Editing options

  • Added the ability to turn images into hyperlinks on the Images tab.
  • Added the ability to replace a file on the File Attachments tab (instead of doing this via the File Manager), and added links to all posts where a file is being used.
  • Added the ability to clone navigation terms and all nav term settings.
  • Added the ability to select Calendar Dates more than 10 years out (past or future).


  • Simplified the webform result download page and the related access control options.
  • Multi-page webforms now only display the CAPTCHA on the last page (instead of all pages).
  • Improved the ADA accessibility of webforms by updating HTML5 validation on checkboxes. 

Email and eblasts

  • Added the ability to CC people on webform notifications (instead of sending separate emails), allowing a meaningful reply-all behavior.
  • Improved email delivery and bounce handling from the website by using the SendGrid service. Added dedicated IP address for sending and sender policy framework (SPF) record instructions into the dashboard.
  • Upgraded to the latest version of the MailChimp API to improve scheduled campaign and group synchronization.
  • Changed in-product wording from Mailchimp “List ID” to “Audience ID” to reflect changes in Mailchimp’s system.
  • Many small improvements related to outgoing email deliverability.


  • Added the ability to embed access-controlled Vimeo videos
  • Added fullscreen capability on embedded YouTube videos.

Accessibility / ADA compliance

  • Added various accessibility enhancements to help comply with California’s AB434 (went into effect July 1 affecting all public institutions), WCAG 2.1 AA, and Section 508
  • Enhanced accordions and tabs to be easier for users with screen readers to use.
  • Added ARIA labels and fixed some form labels on common elements.

SEO and search

  • Improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by installing and updating the Google XML Sitemap URLs to use HTTPS and link to secure versions of pages.
  • Added a robots blocker to the Drupal login page to prevent the login page from showing up in search results.
  • Added restrictions to prevent crawlers from indexing dev and test environments.
  • Added an option to exclude the entire files directory from search engine results.


  • Improved the file browser speed (up to a 10x increase), especially on sites with a large number of files.

Misc. enhancements

  • Added a way to masquerade as a user and then switch back to your original account without logging out and back in.
  • Added a way to designate specific nodes as template posts.
  • Added a warning when editing the default 404 page.
  • Created an opt-in calendar module with additional options (contact us to implement this on your site.)
  • Added new redirect behaviors so all secondary domains redirect to the default domain by default.
  • Added an option to disable web browsers’ autocomplete functionality for the user login forms.
  • Removed all references to Google+.
  • Clarified the wording on the file replacement description.
  • Improved the display of tweeted posts.
  • Increased the character-limit for information in the Contact Information fields.
  • Many additional small performance improvements.


  • Added a site dashboard (accessible by system admins).
  • Added DNS & SPF settings and status for each domain related to the site. 
  • Added an “environments” tab with a test site link where short-term content experiments can be made on a non-live site.
  • Added a “redirects” tab to control all of your domains and where they redirect

Infrastructure and security upgrades

  • Migrated the hosting for 285 sites to Pantheon, the world leader in Drupal hosting.
  • Upgraded all sites to PHP 7.3, resulting in a noticeable speed improvement, particularly for logged-in users.
  • Added HSTS headers for HTTPS enforcement, requiring all traffic on your site to be secure and blocking future insecure access.
  • Added SSO for Digital Deployment employees when logging in to customer sites to increase security. 
  • Implemented a number of new security measures to harden backend site access. New measures now meet U2F authentication standards with Titan security keys.

    Bug fixes

    • Your site now automatically resizes huge uploaded images to make them faster and more reliable to administer.
    • Fixed an issue where the Embed HTML field content did not display on the teaser of overviews when there was no other content on the post. 
    • Fixed an issue with linked images in overviews so they link to the specified destination instead of opening a larger version of the image.
    • Fixed a bug with downloading a date range of webform results.
    • Fixed a bug so that people accessing an uppercase URL with a mixed-case version of the URL are still able to access the content.
    • Resolved an issue where anchor tags and query parameters were occasionally being stripped off of related links.
    • Fixed an issue where the “From” name was not showing up in Outlook when reading webform-generated emails.
    • Fixed some logic issues with complex conditional webforms.
    • Fixed a bug where the file browser would sometimes fail to load the contents of a folder.
    • Fixed a bug where duplicate items would display in the Commands menu for some users.
    • Fixed a bug where some outgoing emails would only show as plain text, rather than HTML formatted.
    • Fixed a bug where the “Add to Calendar” button wouldn’t function properly for some users.
    • Fixed a bug where start and end times were still displayed for all day events.
    • Fixed a bug where pages that end in .html couldn’t be used with the post creation bookmarklets.
    • Fixed a bug where tabs would be created on a landing page, even if no posts appeared in the tab.
    • Fixed an issue where all accordions were expanded by default in some cases.
    • Fixed a bug where the Manage Content screen would show many pages of results, even if there was less than one page of results.
    • Removed monitoring and management components that were specific to our legacy infrastructure.
    • Many under-the-hood code cleanups.