Our SLA Program

To aid our clients, we have developed a Service-Level Agreement program (SLA) which makes this expertise affordable and available for a flat monthly fee. Although our ongoing SLA program is optional, more than 95% of the clients who joined five years ago are still active clients today.

What’s included in the Service Level Agreement

Whether you need help thinking through a new landing page, training a new staff person, or need a guaranteed less-than-30-minute response to an urgent issue 24/7—our comprehensive support program ensures you get help from the same Sacramento-based team that built your website.

Support tickets: Offers a complete warranty for any sudden problems you encounter with your website, creating a financial incentive for Digital Deployment to build an error-free product (compared to other models which charge to repair problems and resolve issues with the product provided as a sales model).

Monthly updates: Includes ongoing feature development, providing the latest technology and new functionality; website is continually upgraded with the latest security updates.

Training & best practices: Includes ongoing training and professional development to better leverage the site’s technology and website best-practices.