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Whatever you need, we’re here for you! If you’re a current client on our Service Level Agreement program, and need support on your website, please…

Submit a ticket via…

Support tab

If you have a problem or question, the fastest way to reach out is to submit a ticket from your site when you’re logged in. To do so, simply click on the grey Support tab that appears on the left side of your browser.

Support portal

You can also submit a ticket from the support portal. A support portal account is required to use this option.


You can send an email to support@digitaldeployment.com that will automatically get turned into a ticket.

Note: Emailed tickets come in as Low priority. We may not see tickets submitted via email within the High/Urgent/Emergency response times so one of the other methods listed above is preferable for time-sensitive issues. 


Support hours

Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 5:00 (Pacific).

For emergency assistance outside of those hours, please submit an Urgent/Emergency ticket via the Support tab or Support portal.

We do not see tickets submitted via email outside of business hours.


Explore the knowledge base

We have a robust knowledge base that has hundreds of articles ranging from how to log in to how to integrate webforms with PayPal.