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In case you missed them: five notable updates to your site in 2016

Do you ever wonder what we’re up to behind the scenes? Do you wonder if your ideas for improvements are being implemented? In case you missed them in the monthly update emails, we’ve compiled a list of what you—our clients—told us were some of the most useful features and updates added to your site last year.

  1. Users with the ’system admin’ role are now able to configure Twitter Cards, giving you options for the way you share content to Twitter. December 2016 release
  2. Gave you more control over alt text for images to allow the alt text to be specified separately from the image caption, which is important for accessibility and SEO. Learn more in the knowledge base. October 2016 release
  3. Updated approval email notifications for new posts to include body content of the revision, making it easier to approve edits directly from your email client. August 2016 release
  4. Improved drag & drop file upload functionality, allowing image files to be dragged & dropped when the ‘Images’ tab is selected on the post editing form. May 2016 release
  5. Made multiple improvements to PayPal webforms. February, September 2016 releases
    1. Webform confirmation message shows on the payment confirmation page.
    2. Webform submission emails are sent, in addition to the transaction notification from PayPal.
    3. Line items can now have a SKU (or other custom value) passed into PayPal for accounting purposes.
    4. Order summary instructions now reflect the webform submit button name, if it has been customized.

These are just a few interesting things we think you may have missed – feel free to check out all release notes for a full view of what we’ve been up to!