Service Notice

Your hosting upgrade is in process
(or will begin within the hour)

The upgrade process usually takes 15-60 minutes. Admins and editors will see a new popup message on your site when the migration is complete. Hosting Upgrade FAQs.


I have a true emergency. How can I make a site edit?

There is extensive behind-the-scenes work that goes into each upgrade that must be restarted from scratch if a migration is halted.

We ask that you only stop a migration if you need to make a site edit for a true emergency that cannot wait 15-60 minutes. 

That being said, we understand that emergencies happen and sometimes urgent messages need to be posted to a site Right. Now.

If you find yourself in that situation, you’ve got options:

  • Preferred approach: Submit an Urgent support ticket (via the ticketing system or the grey Support tab on the left side of your site—don’t send an email) to let us know what’s going on.
    • Within a minute or two, we’ll be able to advise how much time is remaining in the migration process—it might be just about to finish!
    • If the emergency situation dictates that edits to your site cannot wait, we can halt the migration process for you.

Note that emails to default to Low priority and we do not see them immediately.

Please submit any Urgent tickets via the support system or the grey Support tab on the left side of your site so that we see the notification right away and can help you quickly!

  • The-building-is-on-fire approach: If there’s no time to spare and you need to make an edit now, you can halt the migration on your end.
    • We most respectfully ask that you not use this approach unless there really isn’t another option.
      • If you’re under a time-crunch for an urgent-but-not-true-emergency site edit, please submit a support ticket instead and we can help find/create a solution!
    • Site/system admins can halt the migration by going to (
      • One way to do this is to go to your site’s home page, then add the following to the URL: /admin/dd/migration_status

      • But really…please…use the other option whenever possible. Our developers thank you.


What follow-up action is required?

A week or two after your site is migrated, you’ll see a popup notification on your site with details about new DNS records. 

  • You/your IT team will need to update the DNS records on file with your domain provider (this can usually be done online). We’re happy to help with this process if you don’t have an IT team. 

If you are not sure who your domain provider is (ex: Network Solutions, GoDaddy, etc.), or what your username/password are for your account, now’s a good time to start tracking that down.

  • Note: DD hosts your website, but your domain (ex: is hosted by your domain provider/registrar (the company where you purchased/renew your domain).
  • No idea who your domain provider is? See who is listed as the Registrar when you enter your domain in this search.

How can we learn more?

For details on the strategy and reasoning behind the upgrade to Pantheon, please read this press release or watch this webinar.