Webform Issue – hCAPTCHA Down
Investigating an issue where visitors are unable to submit webforms

Hello System and Site Admins,

Today we have identified an issue with our newly implemented hCAPTCHA feature which is preventing users from submitting the webforms. 

How we’re addressing the issue

Our engineering team is focused on resolving the issue by coordinating with the hCAPTCHA team to see if the issue is specific to their platform or if there is an internal issue with our implementation.

How to temporarily disable the captcha feature on your webforms

If you require the issue to be resolved immediately, our recommendation is to edit the webform and disable the captcha feature. Click here for instructions on how to disable the hCAPTCHA. Note: This can only be done for webforms and not for system-specific forms (e.g. signup/password reset)

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we will be in contact with your organization once the root cause has been identified and a resolution is in place. 


Ryan Ginsberg

Lead Customer Success Manager