Webinar Mac Clemmens

The Art and Science of SEO

The Art and Science of SEO

Some of our clients are thought leaders, and when searching for topics they cover, you can often find them on the first page of search engine results. This allows those clients to define what the public understands about a particular topic.

But how does this happen?

Currently, 85% of people looking for information online start their journey using a search engine. But with so many results, how can you make sure your site stands out? Do you know how people are finding your site and why they’re visiting? Are you leading the conversation for topics and keywords important to you?

We’ve been asked these questions so often that we’ve created a free webinar on this topic. In one hour, we will discuss search engine optimization (SEO), including how to make your digital presence more public-friendly and how to improve the reach of your programs and services. It will help you better communicate with key audiences, regardless of the website platform your organization uses.

This webinar was presented by Mac Clemmens, based on his popular talk delivered at CAPIO, CalSAE and other statewide and national conferences. If you are interested in having us come speak at your event, please contact me at (916) 832-7447. This is offered at no charge to clients on an SLA, schedule permitting.