Release Notes

September 2018 site updates

You asked. We added!

  • Added the ability to insert webforms anywhere in the body content of posts. Learn how.
  • Added a frequent-images folder to the File Browser to easily add commonly-used images to posts without re-uploading the image each time. Learn how.

Small enhancements and bug fixes:

  • When reordering nav terms directly from the Menu on a landing page, now only the relevant section of nav terms displays (rather than the whole list).
  • When editing nav terms directly from the Menu on a landing page, hidden terms now also display with a notation that they are hidden.
  • Added lock icons on the Create post page to indicate which post types are access-controlled by default.
  • Added responsive sizing to lightbox images (if the site is mobile responsive).
  • Set the “From” name on notification emails to display the site name or user name instead of the site’s default email address.
  • Added a field for a custom Google Maps API key in Site settings > Third party variables.
  • Updated the edit fly-out to display the name of the person who most recently edited the post.
  • Clarified the error message when an image caption exceeds the maximum length.
  • Added fade in and out for sitewide popup notifications.

See past release notes.

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