Release Notes

September 2017 site updates
Your website has been updated to the latest release.

This month’s improvements

  • Improved the XML Sitemap (if enabled) by adding it to robots.txt and making it easier for search engines to discover.
  • Added the ability to set up a Destination Redirect or a URL Redirect, with a URL pointing to the current site and containing query string parameters.
  • Fixed an issue where URL autocompletion, such as on the Destination Redirect field, could mess up URLs that have special characters (such as a % or ?).
  • Fixed a PHP warning that showed up for some visitors when submitting a webform using certain browsers, particularly Internet Explorer 11.

Release notes for previous months

Our SLA program includes ongoing updates with feature improvements, bug fixes, and security patches. Your website is updated on or around the first Wednesday of each month. We let you know ahead of time if the update includes any major changes that could affect the way your site functions or displays.

We want to encourage you to contribute your ideas for future improvements to the forum. And as always, if you have any questions, just reply to this e-mail to open a ticket!

We’re glad you’re on board!