Release Notes

August 2018 site updates
Look at all of these site improvements!

This month’s big updates

It is our sincere pleasure to roll out the following improvements to your site—each designed to help your editing experience be a bit smoother and faster. 

  1. Save as draft: Editors and admins can now save drafts of posts and publish them later.

  2. See what’s hidden: Manage Nav Terms now has visual indicators for hidden terms and microsites.

  3. Clone it all: Cloned posts now automatically carry over the settings on the Access and Display settings tabs.

Small enhancements and bugfixes

  • Updated accordions to automatically expand when printed.

  • Streamlined webform email notifications so duplicate emails are not sent if the same email address is entered on both the webform and in the default address setting. 

  • Added a notation in the search results to indicate when posts are archived.

  • Added a “no robots” tag to webform confirmation pages so they do not accidentally get indexed by Google. (Thank you, Beth and Veronica!)

  • Prevented some hidden nav terms from mistakenly showing. (Thank you, Jenna and Lisa!)

  • Fixed a display issue where the email address/contact form link would sometimes hide on posts. (Thank you, Laura!)

  • Added a “dismissal X” to green/yellow/red notification messages.

  • And 14 additional bugfixes, security updates, and requested improvements. See all release notes.

Have a suggestion?

Do you have ideas on how your site could be easier to use? Let us know by submitting a ticket—we’ll review your suggestions and see if they can be added!