Powerful features that put you in control

Our customized Drupal distribution provides features that are designed to make the life of website contributors and administrators stress-free. We are constantly improving what we affectionately refer to as “the Standard Model” as we build new sites, and everyone on our platform is able to take advantage of these improvements, as well as the new features we develop.

Post once, display many ways

  • Any piece of content can be “tagged” to multiple areas, yet there is only one master (making updating and syncing changes a breeze)
  • Profiles can be leveraged in two way relationships, allowing contact information to be updated in one place, but visible in many areas

Content interface

“WYSIWYG” editor makes formatting content easy

  • Bulk image and file uploading with mobile-friendly photo gallery capability
  • Embed YouTube videos by simply pasting the URL of the video
  • Ability to embed HTML and widgets directly into site content
  • Simply add event dates to any post and it appears in the sitewide calendar
  • Basic translation plugins (Google Translate) and advanced translation capability

Access control and distributed administration of content

  • Content dashboard with email notifications and one-click workflow approvals
  • Ability to control access to navigation terms and individual posts based on role
  • Ability for contributors to add content, administrators to approve before it goes live
  • Revisions saved for all versions of content, and content can be reverted if necessary

Bundle & Blast® and social media features

  • Any piece of content on the site can be email blasted out to your list with one click
  • Multiple pieces of content can be bundled together to build newsletters with automatic TOC
  • Commenting and/or Facebook integration; visitors can share or like content directly from the site
  • Administrators can post content directly to Twitter or Facebook from within the website

Responsive web design

  • Responsive capability built-in for visitors using any device
  • Multiple breakpoints included for maximum versatility

Webforms and polls

  • Easily create SurveyMonkey™-type forms to capture information from visitors
  • Results can be emailed, viewed and analyzed on-site,  and downloaded to Excel
  • CAPTCHA discourages spamming
  • Webforms can be used for site-wide contact forms and feedback forms
  • Use polls to gather votes on issues and display results immediately to visitor
  • Ability to send visitor to any URL or set custom confirmation pages for both webforms and polls

Other features

  • Custom URLs and automatic “pretty” URLs created from post titles and navigation terms
  • Advanced SEO capabilities, such as ability to set type-specific, or post-specific metadata
  • Advanced search with ability to filter by attributes like type, date, author