DNS Change FAQs

To finalize the hosting migration, you/your IT team will need to update the DNS records on file with your domain provider. We hope the information below helps with the process!

Why is a DNS (Domain Name System) change necessary?

As a temporary measure, your site was connected to the new hosting using the old hosting as a proxy server. This provided the dual advantages of being able to move your site to the new hosting with no downtime and not requiring the DNS to be changed at the same time as the migration (which may have been during the middle of the night).

The DNS change will directly and permanently connect your domain to the new hosting.


Why didn’t DD update our DNS records as part of the hosting upgrade?

DD hosts your website, but your domain (ex: is hosted by your domain provider/registrar (the company where you purchased/renew your domain).

Unless we have made other arrangements with your organization, we do not have access to your domain account. In general, it is important that an organization maintains control over its domain so that it can assign providers to manage its website, email, and other services. 


How do we find out who our domain provider is? (ex: Network Solutions, GoDaddy, etc.)

No idea who your domain provider is? See who is listed as the Registrar when you enter your domain in this WHOIS search (pronounced “Who Is”).


How do we look up the new DNS information?

For instructions with screenshots, see the knowledge base article

  • While logged in to your site, go to Commands > Dashboard.

    • The Dashboard can only be seen by a logged-in site/system admin.
    • If your IT team will be completing the DNS updates, they will either need to log in as an admin, or an admin can share the details with them.
  • On the Domains & DNS tab:
    • Primary domain and Additional domain(s): The Status column shows the action needed for each DNS record.
    • Email delivery: The Status column shows the action needed for the SPF record.


We don’t have an IT department. Where can we find instructions on how to make the changes?

The links below provide step-by-step instructions for each domain provider. If yours is not listed, please contact your provider for instructions.

Want to learn more about DNS records? Here’s a great article


We updated our DNS. How can we check to make sure the records were set up correctly?

Note: DNS changes may require up to 24 hours to take effect.

Site/system admins can go to Commands > Dashboard. The Status column on the Domains & DNS tab will display any necessary changes.

If you are not able to access the Dashboard, you can use this free online tool to check your site’s DNS records.


Can DD make the change for us?

Sure, we’re happy to help. Please send in the following on a new support ticket after your site has been migrated:

  • The name of your domain provider (ex: Network Solutions, GoDaddy, etc.)
  • Your login credentials (ex: username and password)