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April 2018 news: it’s all about accessibility and security

This month, learn about Section 508 compliance and how to make sure your site is accessible for people with disabilities, celebrate the launch of a highly accessible new site, and get details about your monthly site update.

In this issue:

Client Update Lindsay Hardy

Expanding the reach and impact of the nation’s largest disability rights group
Disability Rights California launches new accessible, responsive website

Disability Rights California (DRC) is the largest disability rights group in the nation. Established in 1978 to protect and advocate for Californians with disabilities, DRC directly assisted nearly 25,000 people last year alone, and in that time hundreds of thousands more lives were touched through their litigation, policy work, training, and publications.

Release Notes

April 2018 site updates
Your website has been updated to the latest release

This month’s improvements

  • Applied a security patch for last week’s highly critical security advisory SA-CORE-2018-002. (We had already updated your site for this security patch on Mar 28th within 30 minutes of publication.)
  • Fixed a potential bug that was introduced by the aforementioned security patch.
  • Fixed an issue where related links with special theming would not be displayed properly.