Client Update

Client Update
Move over Site Launch and Case Study!

We’ve decided to combine the Site Launch and Case Study posts into Client Update because these two often overlap and are both, in face, updates on our clients. 

Use the following structure for Client Update posts:

  • Title = client name only
  • Subtitle = none
  • Body content
    • P1 = general overview of client / new client blurb
    • P2 = site launch information (be sure to include month and year, not “Last month we launched…)
    • P3-5 = additional “case study” information; i.e. goals, challenges, successes, etc…
  • Image = either homepage screenshot or launch graphic
  • Related link to website

Client update posts are set to automatically tag to the News & Updates term. Once they are fully fledged case studies, they can also be tagged to Our Work, Case Studies, or appropriate Industries.