Staff Update Mac Clemmens Steph Bradley

Stepping up content services at Digital Deployment

Digital Deployment provides technology and services to deploy content management systems. Fourteen years ago we were so focused on the technology that the actual content was an afterthought. But this is no longer the case—we have been providing extensive content services (such as site migration, content curation, training, and post-launch site reviews) throughout the entire 5 Phase Process for quite a few years. And now for some exciting news:

To serve you better, we are restructuring our team to prioritize the thing you do most: manage your site content. To this end, Steph Bradley has been promoted to lead our growing content services team as our Director of Content Services. She will be overseeing and working closely with the rest of the content team: Karla, Tim, Ginny … and Pan. (If you haven’t met Pan yet, it’s time for a visit to our office!)

Steph will be working to improve and expand the scope of services that are available to you and help prioritize feature development for the content management system. Her extensive experience (she has created more posts than any other Digital Deployment team member) will ensure that the day-to-day needs of our most prolific site administrators are prioritized. New features such as recurring date fields and improved workflows are already in the works under Steph’s direction.

In this new role, Steph will help streamline and sustain high-quality content services while also championing practical improvements to the user interface driven by real-world needs. We’re excited to see where Steph takes content services for Digital Deployment!

If you have any questions or ideas for Steph, please feel free to contact her at