Our Five Phase Process in a Nutshell

Over many years, we’ve developed a proven process that instills confidence, taking projects from initiation to launch in a predictable, transparent way.

1. Discovery: who are you for the world?
In-depth discovery services explore your purpose and engage stakeholders to align the entire organization on project goals. After all, your website redesign process might be the first time various parts of your organization have communicated.

2. Content: deliver what your users are looking for
Our team inventories your current content, develops a migration strategy, and deeply analyzes empirical user data to bring the 10% of content that 90% of users are looking for to the forefront, so your users can find things quickly and accurately.

3. Design: create a design that speaks to your audience
Our team of designers create and refine powerful designs that “listen” to user needs, then we refine the design until it’s perfect and ready for implementation.

4. Implementation: bring your vision to life
Our developers bring your site to life when they implement your new design, features and functionality. As you work with your content, a dedicated front-end developer and strategist will continue to refine your site: making it more engaging and improving its overall usability.

5. Deployment: comprehensive training, curation & launch
We empower you to manage your own content with comprehensive training, guiding your team on content best practices, governance, and workflow, so you can launch and maintain a website that reflects the very best of your organization.

Support: we’re here for the long haul
Once a site has launched, all clients have the opportunity to join our optional support program, which provides ongoing updates, training, and support services.