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Job Opportunity: Software Engineer – Infrastructure & Operations
Full time–Sacramento CA or remote

As a Software Engineer – Infrastructure & Operations at Digital Deployment, you will support your team with the infrastructure needed to execute projects efficiently, provide our clients with top-notch service, and continuously evolve our products and services. As a growing web agency that highly values standardization, it’s time for us to have a team member dedicated to our client site hosting and internal tooling.

Your responsibilities

  • Share on-call duties for our infrastructure, which hosts all client websites. (We use PagerDuty.)
  • Handle client support tickets related to infrastructure.
  • Maintain and improve logging and monitoring systems to help resolve issues before they impact continuity of service. (We use Loggly and New Relic.)
  • Deploy (or automate the deployment of) new instances of our Drupal application at the onset of projects or when requested by the production team.
  • Manage all aspects of site launches at the tail-end of projects or when requested by the production team, including advising clients about domain registrations, making DNS changes on a client’s behalf, and adjusting server configuration.
  • Maintain and improve our infrastructure automation and configuration management. (We use Ansible.)
  • Maintain and set up infrastructure to support product development, integration, and deployment, and ongoing maintenance tasks such as SSL certificate renewal. (We use CircleCI and have a custom Express.js/React application on Heroku.)
  • Work with our hosting providers to evolve our infrastructure to accommodate new product and service offerings and expand capacity. (We have a managed private cloud, as well as cloud resources on AWS.)

What success looks like

  • Your proactive approach to monitoring and maintenance is contributing to achieving the 99.95% uptime that we promise to our clients, creating a feeling of great reliability among our team and our clients.
  • Our continuity of service is not dependent on any single person: you and your team members can take time off and disconnect with peace of mind.
  • Your preparation, planning, and collaboration with the production team and the client makes all site launches and switchovers smooth.
  • We have tools and processes that consistently and efficiently handle the technical parts of client projects.
  • Our product engineers are able to spend the majority of their time on feature improvements and bug fixes, including the development of the Drupal 8 version of our Drupal platform.
  • We will have tools and processes that support the planned migration of all client sites from our Drupal 6 platform to our Drupal 8 platform.

About you

  • You are a software engineer and you write scripts and build applications to make your and your team’s jobs easier by eliminating repetition and human error.
  • You are curious and enjoy figuring out how things work, from the application level down to the operating system level.
  • You are deliberate and you think and investigate before you act, even in the face of a major outage during business hours.
  • Your team trusts you to work on production infrastructure because you plan, manage risk, and communicate effectively when the unexpected does happen.
  • You are a DNS expert: there is no DNS challenge you can’t handle.
  • You are an SSL expert: you could start your own certificate authority if you wanted to.
  • You have experience with most of the following:
    • Drupal (version 6/7/8 preferred),
    • LEMP stack,
    • HAProxy,
    • Varnish,
    • Memcached,
    • Apache Solr (and Tomcat Server),
    • Ruby on Rails (or other Rack-based apps),
    • Docker (for containerized deployments),
    • AWS (EC2, RDS, CloudFormation),
    • infrastructure automation and configuration management (Ansible preferred),
    • shell scripting,
    • modern full-stack web development for internal tooling (Node.js/Express.js and React preferred),
    • Git.

About us

Digital Deployment has been working with institutions, associations, non-profits, and other organizations locally and nationwide since 2004 to empower them to communicate online and connect with their constituents. We host and maintain more than 200 client websites and provide extraordinary training and support. Streamline is our newest offering, a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform dedicated to serving almost 100 local government agencies with paid and free web tools.

Why you should join our team

Digital Deployment invests heavily in its work culture and its people and has been recognized by the Sacramento Business Journal as one of the “Best Places to Work.” And it shows: our clients and customers love working with us. We honor each other’s strengths and contributions and we learn new stuff all the time. We tick all the boxes: great pay, full benefits, 401k, unlimited paid time off, free on-site food. (Once Slack has a food transportation option, we’ll Slack you food if you’re remote.)

We are an equal opportunity employer and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

We are currently considering U.S.-based applicants only.

Make sure to include a link to your résumé in your cover letter, or attach it here as a file attachment. Restricted to 5 MB and PDF.

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