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Digital Deployment CEO Featured on ‘The Genius Project’

Digital Deployment CEO Featured on ‘The Genius Project’

Digital Deployment’s CEO, Mac Clemmens, has been selected to appear in “The Genius Project” to discuss his life, upbringing, special gifts, and reasons for starting a company. 

Mac will appear alongside other talented “geniuses” including Mike Klooster of the band Smashmouth. Geniuses were selected based on Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “Outliers.” In it, Gladwell defines individuals who have accumulated 10,000 hours in a field of practice as having achieved mastery in that area, which makes them an expert or genius in that subject.

The Genius project was funded by the After School Student Education: Teamwork for Success (ASSETS) program. Its goals include giving children real-world, relatable examples of how creating a vision for the future, working hard and persevering can empower them to fulfill their dreams and become geniuses in their respective fields of choice. The thousands of participating students in the yearlong program study and discuss the genius featured on each DVD while mapping out thoughts about their own success.

According to the Central Valley Afterschool Foundation, the project has already excited students and stirred deep, thought-provoking conversations between them and their parents. “The Genius Project brings literate role models who have achieved mastery of a skill as a result of a personal commitment, hard work and practice, and it provides guided support to students through video interviews,” said ASSETS Program Director May Moua.

Information about air dates and distribution can be found on the METV website. For more information, please contact Sloane Dell’Orto at (916) 238-1800 x103. 

Digital Deployment would like to extend a special thanks to Digital Deployment Client Michelle Karns for her vision and support of the Genius Project.